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Iem Katowice

Die IEM Katowice startet am Februar. Bei uns erfährst Du alle wichtigen Infos zum ersten wichtigen Major des esports-Jahres. Die IEM Season XIV World Championship findet von Februar bis 1. März erneut im polnischen Katowice statt. 16 Mannschaften gehen beim. IEM Katowice. Gefällt Mal · 4 Personen sprechen darüber. Nieoficjalny fanpage poświęcony imprezie IEM Katowice.

IEM Katowice 2020: Mögen die (esports-)Spiele beginnen

Die IEM Season XIV World Championship findet von Februar bis 1. März erneut im polnischen Katowice statt. 16 Mannschaften gehen beim. Counter Strike: Global Offensive Turnier auf der IEM Katowice gilt als “Home of Esports” (Köln) – September, – Intel und ESL, das weltweit größte. Das IEM Major: Katowice war das Major-Turnier in der E-Sports-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive und fand vom Februar bis zum 3. März statt. Austragungsort war zum dritten Mal Kattowitz. Die finale Champions Stage des.

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Magnus, Neoni - Conquer - IEM Katowice 2020 Official Theme

IEM Shop. Get the IEM collection. Get your tickets! CN China. EU Europe. KR Korea. NA North America. South Korea.

United Kingdom. United States. Spodek Arena. Berliner eSports Club e. Dear 2. Dark 3. Stats 4. SpeCial 5. PartinG 6. Has Rogue 2.

Zest 3. ShoWTimE 4. Reynor 5. Armani Maru 2. INnoVation 3. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing.

Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. Skip to content. Thank You Katowice. Teams will be assigned Elo ratings that match their seeding and the Elo will change after every win or loss, as the winner will take some of the loser's points.

Each team's Elo will determine its next matchup rather than having a random draw, as it was done in the past. The map pool will be kept the same as the previous major.

Each regional qualifier, called "Minors", featured eight teams. Unlike past Minors, no teams was directly invited to the Minors. Each Minor's format was similar to past Minors, but with a couple small changes.

The group stages would be a GSL, double elimination format with each group featuring four teams. The opening matches would be a best of one.

A new change came along with the winner's set being a best of three instead of the usual best of one. The loser's and decider's matches would also be best of three sets.

The top two teams in each group would move on to a four team, best of three, double elimination bracket. The top two teams would move on to the Major.

In addition, the Minor finals that used to determine seeding would be eliminated; instead, the winner of the winner's match would be the first seed going into the New Challengers stage and the winner of the loser's match would be the second seed.

The CIS Minor qualifier featured sixteen teams. Eight more teams qualified through four online qualifiers. The qualifier will have a sixteen team, double elimination bracket and teams will play until eight teams qualified CIS Minor.

Even after Gambit's shakeups after releasing two of its star players, it was still a stunning upset that Syman was able to knock down Gambit in the opening match.

Team Spirit had a 12—5 lead against Nemiga Gaming, but the team from Belarus was able to take it to overtime; however, Spirit able to deny the comeback victory by sweeping the overtime, thanks to Vadim "DavCost" Vasilyev's dominant 35 kills.

Winstrike Team also looked to head back to the Major after being Legends for one tournament before bombing out at the London Major as the Russian team easily took down a Runtime that was a mix of former top professional players and unproven talent.

In the first elimination series, Gambit easily took down Nemiga. In group B, pro was able to eliminate Runtime after losing the first map to stay alive.

Syman looked to upset Gambit once again and it looked possible after taking the first match. However, Gambit adjusted and cruised to victory in the next to maps to secure a top four spot.

In the second set, Winstrike and Gambit split two maps, both of which were close. On the third map on Dust II, Winstrike looked to take the game after being up 15— However, Gambit came back to tie the game and go into overtime.

However, Winstrike quickly responded by taking the overtime and guaranteed at least a third place. Spirit finally qualified for a Major after years of falling short while Winstrike had one more chance to qualify.

The Europe Minor qualifier featured sixteen teams. The qualifier had a sixteen team, double elimination bracket and teams played until eight teams qualified for the Europe Minor.

The Europe Minor took place from January 16 to 20, Team Vitality and OpTic Gaming kicked off the Europe Minor in a match in which neither team had proven itself on the international stage, as Vitality was a fairly newly formed lineup and OpTic was inconsistent even on the smaller stages.

After a close first half, Vitality pulled away to take the opening match. In a huge upset in the next match, Valiance took down mousesports on mousesports's signature map of Mirage.

Despite Chris "chrisJ" de Jong's 32 kills, Valiance's team effort pulled ahead to take down the favorite to win the Minor.

Yaman "yam" Ergenekon made his debut with the former roster of Space Soldiers by top fragging for his team. However, the team itself needed to fix a lot of issues as it was dominated by ENCE.

The last initial match was Windigo easily taking down North. A close first half was made possible by Nicklas "gade" Gade, but Windigo's defense seemed impenetrable as North won zero rounds on its terrorist side.

On the winner's side, ENCE was able to move past Windigo with relative ease as Aleksi "allu" Jalli was one step closer to heading back to a Major with his young team.

On the other side of the winner's matches, Valiance had a 15—13 lead late into the first map, but Vitality took over the game and pulled off a win in overtime.

Valiance responded with a win on Inferno, but Vitality demolished Valiance in the decider to book a playoff spot for the Minor. The first match of the second day took mousesports squeezing past OpTic as the Danes were eliminated in a competitive Minor.

North was able to take down the struggling ex-Space Soldiers and the Turks were eliminated. Valiance proved that its upset win over mousesports was no fluke as the majority-Serbian team took down the international squad again and eliminated mousesports.

The rising Windigo was able to take the first map and North took the second map in the final group stage series. Vitality looked to continue to put on a good performance lead by their promising young star Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut while North only looked to head back to the Major and regain a Legends spot.

In a close best of three, North swept Vitality as North needed to make two big comebacks. Valiance looked to continue its strong momentum and Valiance proved it was prepared after taking the first map and it looked like Valiance's plan of countering the enemies' strategies was working.

The first map required a small, but tense comeback, as ENCE was down 14—11, but was able to take the game in double overtime. The loser's semifinals was the closest series of any of the Minors at this point.

On the first map, Valiance had a 14—5 lead, but eight unanswered rounds from Vitality suddenly made it 14— Fortunately for Valiance, it was able to scrape together two more rounds to give the team the map advantage.

However, it looked like that Vitality was able to make some adjustments as it took an early 9—2 lead. Despite this, Valiance mad it and then 15—13, but the French made it out alive and took the last round to tie up the series.

The third map was close all around. Vitality had a 9—6 lead before Valiance swung the score to its favor at 13— However, four rounds in a row gave Vitality the lead before Valiance took one more at 15— In the thirtieth round, Vitality found an open B bombsite and planted the bomb.

While Valiance was able to sweep up the five members of Vitality, the European team went in with the bomb timer ticking down and Vitality won the series with under two seconds to go on the defuse.

The decider series had a similar feel to the CIS decider, as North took the first map in a close game, but Vitality bounced back to trample North and qualified for the Major.

Each qualifier featured four invited teams and another four teams through two online qualifiers. Each qualifier consist of an eight team, double elimination, best of three bracket.

The Asia Minor will take place from January 22 to 26, The Asia Minor began with the heavy favorites Renegades facing off against the unknown Aequus Club from Israel, and Renegades easily took care of business there 16—7.

After Grayhound took a comfortable lead, CyberZen started to mount a comeback; however, some mistakes by CyberZen in round 26 against a Grayhound team that barely bought into the round lead the Chinese team to stumble and Grayhound secured the win.

ViCi finally started to get into a rhythm, but it was too late as GOSU was able to pull off the upset win.

In group A's winner's match, Renegades barely took the win over its compatriots in Grayhound, as both games were decided by two rounds.

Aquees looked to surprise the scene after taking a massive lead over CyberZen, but the Chinese team turned on the jets and brought the game all the way back; despite this, Aquees closed out the game.

However, CyberZen took the momentum from the almost-comeback and took the next two games with relative ease. Beyond could not get anything going with its redesigned lineup as ViCi easily moved on to the decider's series.

Grayhound and CyberZen split the first two maps, both close games. The third map was also close, but after CyberZen tied the game up at 11, Grayhound pulled away, winning the next five of six to face off against MVP PK in the bracket.

However, Renegades did not have any problem in the following two maps as the Renegades guaranteed a top three spot in this Minor.

What was supposed to be an evenly matched set did not turn out as expected. MVP PK comfortably took the first map, but Grayhound did the same in the next two maps, as neither team struggled too much in its victory.

In the loss, only Keun-chul "solo" Kang had a positive kill-death differential. The battle for top three ended in the loser's semifinals. ViCi then took match point with a comfortable lead, but MVP PK started to mount a comeback; however, that comeback fell just short and ViCi took the first map.

The next map would go in favor of ViCi strongly and the MVP organization's frustrations continued as it ended in another fourth-place finish.

Grayhound easily took the first map off of Renegades, but Renegades took the second map as Grayhound looked for the upset.

Renegades took a massive and then 15—6 lead, but a sudden surge from Grayhound got the team within two rounds. Nevertheless, Renegades managed to find a round to take the top seed at the Minor.

ViCi easily took the first map against Grayhound, but the Australians returned the favor with a win of their own. The third map would end up being a close one based on the score, but a dominant win based on the performance.

ViCi took a 9—6 lead and then a 12—6 lead. However, Grayhound would then win the next ten of eleven rounds, shutting down ViCi's terrorist side to join Renegades at the Major.

The North America qualifier featured sixteen teams. Eight teams were invited and another eight teams qualified through four online qualifiers.

The qualifier would have a sixteen team, double elimination bracket and teams would play until six teams qualified for the Americas Minor.

The South America qualifier featured eight teams. Four teams were invited and another four teams qualified through two online qualifiers.

This qualifier have an eight team, double elimination, best of three bracket. Teams would play until two teams qualified for the Minor.

Team Envy won its first Major-related game after its new branding as the Americans completely shut down Brazil's Team One. After dominating the Minor qualifier, eUnited's run to the Major ended in a letdown as Team One was able to come back from a nine-round deficit in the first map and then used that drive to easily take the second map as eUnited were sent home.

Meanwhile, INTZ was able to take down Imperial, but the victory came at more of a struggle than anticipated as Imperial was able to take a map.

The last Katowice Minor group stage set was an extremely close one. The first map went in favor of Team One cleanly. In the second map on Dust II, Envy's new in-game leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen was about to lead Envy to evening the series, but a small and sudden surge from Team One sent the game to overtime.

After the game was tied at 17, Envy was able to clutch it out to send it to a third map. At first, Team One's 13—9 lead seemed to be sufficient, but Envy was able to bring it back to tie the game at After some very close rounds, Envy's persistence beat out that of Team One and Envy moved on.

Kaike "kscerato" Cerato, after being rumored of being transferred to MIBR , had 14 more kills than the next closest player's kill count. This qualifier featured the teams that placed third in their respective Minors.

This phase was a four team, best of three, double elimination bracket. The Minor play-in took place on January 27, The first game of the day featured a major upset, with ViCi taking down North as Philip "aizy" Aistrup struggled massively for his team with just eight kills.

The winner's match was a very close one as both teams knew one more win would send them to the top twenty-four at the Major.

In the back and forth affair, Winstrike came out on top Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov and his team were able to outlast the impact Zhihong "aumaN" Liu had for ViCi and Winstrike headed to its third consecutive Major.

North was able to take a 13—2 lead against Envy in the first best of three in the elimination match and was able to close out the map despite a small comeback attempt from the American side.

Player Chart. Absolute Legends. Azubu Blaze. Azubu Frost. Team Curse. Gambit Gaming. SK Gaming. Group A Legend Playoffs Eliminated.

Round 2. Once Misfits. Dignitas Female. Round 3. Vox Eminor. Streams [ edit ] Primary Language Streams.

Secondary Language Streams. Bondik is a Free Agent now". FaZe Clan. Team Liquid. G2 Esports. Hidden categories: Pages with TeamCard using notes parameter Pages with hard coded colors.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas. This event marks the start of the new Intel Grand Slam Season. The Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII - Katowice Major is the 14th Valve-sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the first Major of The tournament features a $1,, USD prize pool and 24 . The IEM Season IX World Championship was the final event of Intel Extreme Masters Season took place at the Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland alongside Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft, and StarCraft II events.. Overview []. The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship is one of the few international tournaments alongside Worlds and buchananforwyoming.comzer: ESL. Du vendredi 1er mars au dimanche 3 mars se tiendront les IEM Katowice qui accueilleront l'ESL Katowice Royale , un tournoi en partenariat avec Epic Games sur Fortnite!Avec $ de cashprize, 50 duos et joueurs s’affronteront pour essayer de remporter le titre de champion. Le vendredi 1 er mars accueillera ainsi la compétition.
Iem Katowice IEM Katowice invites revealed. The organizers of the IEM Katowice announced the full list of teams invited to the main stage of the tournament. Slots went to Heroic, Astralis, G2, Vitality, NAVI, and FaZe, who joined FURIA and Evil Geniuses, who had previously received invites for the North American region. Intel Extreme Masters XIV - World Championship is an offline Polish tournament organized by ESL. This S-Tier tournament took place from Feb 24 to Mar 01 featuring 16 teams competing over a total prize pool of $, USD. IEM Katowice will take place between February 16 and 28, with a $1 million prize pool on the line. It will be the first ESL Pro Tour event to be played under the new double-weekend format, which will allow ESL and DreamHack to focus on storytelling while giving teams more time to prepare for the playoff matches. The IEM Season IX World Championship was the final event of Intel Extreme Masters Season IX. It took place at the Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland alongside Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft, and StarCraft II events. Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV – World Championship in Katowice. Format. IEM utilizes a fair number of offline qualifiers. During Season 5, qualifiers were held for North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia regions. Those who qualify for the finals are placed into two groups of six, of which the top two advance.

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G2 Esports. Das IEM Major: Katowice war das Major-Turnier in der E-Sports-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive und fand vom Februar bis zum 3. März statt. Austragungsort war zum dritten Mal Kattowitz. Die finale Champions Stage des. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Alles über das Turnier IEM Katowice - World Championship ➦ CS:GO Disziplin ➦ ⚡Preisfonds: $ ➦ Turnierdatum. Eines der bedeutendsten E-Sport-Turniere findet vor leeren Rängen statt: Der Coronavirus trifft die Intel Extreme Masters IEM Katowice Counter Strike: Global Offensive Turnier auf der IEM Katowice gilt als “Home of Esports” (Köln) – September, – Intel und ESL, das weltweit größte. Renegades then struggled as MIBR went Thurn Und Taxis Brettspiel being down to Spielotheken up 15— FURIA looked to carry that momentum, but it was Cloud9 who turned things around and won a 16—1 game of its own. Fnatic was able to take the first gun round, but a harsh Camping Salemer See to the economy spelled the end of Fnatic, putting Fnatic's fourteen Major streak of finishing in the top sixteen to an end. The Europe Minor qualifier featured sixteen teams. Semifinals Bo5. Yak Yeti Info New to League? NA North Meciuri Online Pe Net. Vendredi 1er mars : 14 h - 20 h Samedi 2 mars : 14 h - 20 h Dimanche 3 mars : 14 h - 20 Spiele King. In addition, the Cs Go Skins Verkaufen that placed third in their respective Minors will Boxen Tyson Fury another Handicap International Seriös at the Major as since Valve reduced the number of direct invites from sixteen to fourteen, the last two spots will be decided through a third Jackpot City Bonus qualifier, in which the teams that Grepolis Weltwunder third at each Minor will play until two teams remain. BIG made it relatively close in the second half, but the lead was too far gone and BIG was eliminated. Top 7 - 48 points. Navi Bowman. Xyp9x was able to trade out fer. This list was significant in Online Rennspiele Mmo it was the first time that all five players from the same team were ranked in the top 20, as Astralis dominated The success would be limited, however, as the Swedes only got one more before Astralis got the one round it needed. Sprout setzt polnisches Duo dycha und snatchie auf die Bank. Mit einem Preisgeld von Vor allem dann, wenn beide Teams auf der Map recht stark sind, machen 4,5 Runden sehr oft den Unterschied.
Iem Katowice


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