Vikings Clan Of War

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Vikings Clan Of War

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Vikings: War of Clans

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Vikings: War of Clans. Bifrost level 5

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To improve Knowledge, click on its icon, and then select the conditions for improvement: instantly for Gold or time consuming for resources.

Available for improvement Knowledge has a bright color icon, inaccessible - painted in gray. Knowledge can only be improved gradually, one level at a time.

For example, it is impossible to improve Level 1 Knowledge immediately to Level 4. Also, for the discovery of this or that Knowledge it is necessary to have a certain level of the Oracle.

You can improve only one Knowledge at a time, and with a special item "Seer" - two the item is purchased as part of bank offers. For Gold, any Knowledge improves instantly.

If before the end of the improvement of Knowledge is less than five minutes, the "Accelerate" button is replaced by the purple "Free" button, by clicking which you will finish the improvement.

The free completion time may increase if you have activated your VIP status or have certain bonuses. Manuscripts are needed to study some of the Knowledge in the Oracle.

There is also a chance to earn Manuscripts by attacking the Uber Invaders. You can see the number of available Manuscripts in the "My Items" window on the "Resources" tab.

Gold is a special resource that allows you to instantly perform game actions: train and improve warriors, build buildings, learn Knowledge, create items of the Hero and Shamans, strengthen Asov.

Also for Gold purchased various items and boosts that affect economic and military performance.

Unlike the main resources Food, Tree, Iron, Stone and Silver Gold cannot be produced in buildings, sent to clan members in caravans and mined by attacking the cities of Yarlov.

Gold can be purchased at the Bank. There you will find offers that are valid for a limited time and allow you to buy Gold at a bargain price along with various items.

By purchasing some banking offers, you receive Gold as a gift. To get 1 unit. Gold in the locations "Goldfields" and "Gold of the Gods", you need units.

In the "Profile" tab in the Palace building, you can change personal information: your name, avatar, image of the Hero and the name of the city.

For this you will need special items. To change the game name, in the "Profile" tab, click on the "Change Name" button, then enter a new one and click "Apply.

For a successful name change, the subject "Name change" is required. If you do not have it, then the Buy and Apply button will be displayed instead of the Apply button.

To change the avatar, in the "Profile" tab, click on the "Change Avatar" button, then select a new one from the proposed options and click "Apply.

For a successful avatar change, the "Change Avatar" item is required. To change the image of the Hero, in the "Profile" tab, click on the "Hero" button, then on the "Image" icon, select a new appearance from the proposed options and click "Apply.

To change the name of the city, you need to click on the "Change name" button in the "Profile" tab, then enter a new one and click "Apply.

To successfully change the name of the city, the subject "Rename the city" is required. Jotunheim is a world of eternal ice, ferocious beasts and giants.

Moving to it during the legendary Competition, you can take part in the Battle of the Throne and fight with the Monsters of Jotunheim for trophy chests.

How to go to Jotunheim? Jotunheim is not displayed on the Map of the Kingdoms, and you cannot go to it through a search by the number of the Kingdom.

There are five ways to see the Jotunheim Map. Jotunheim competition. The legendary Battle of the Throne Competition is the main event in Jotunheim.

Within two days you can capture the Throne of Jotunheim, the central Fortress of the world of eternal ice. If you manage to hold the Throne longer than other Yarls the time of all attempts is summed up , you will become the Ruler of Jotunheim and get unique trophies and privileges.

In the Clan Hold Throne Competition, you and your co-clan members need to score points while holding the Throne of Jotunheim. Any Jarl who has moved his city to the world of eternal ice can take part in this Competition.

To do this, you must have a Palace of 21 levels or higher. In the "Jotunheim Massacre" competition in both personal and clan , you can earn points by destroying enemy warriors.

In the personal Monster Destruction Competition, points are awarded for battles with the Troll and the Servant of Aegir. Monsters of Jotunheim.

Jotunheim monsters are special Invaders and Spirits that live only in Jotunheim. Jotunheim monsters have no levels and have a lot of health.

After their destruction, resource locations do not appear. The troll and Servant Aigir cannot be found using the Navigator, but it can be found using the minimap.

The troll and Servant Aigir always appear in certain places. You can view information about Monsters in the "Events" window.

Your city. From your city you send soldiers to various campaigns. The marker above the city shows its current level, which is equal to the level of the main building - the Palace.

Your city is indicated by a blue marker. Cities of other Jarls. Foreign cities can attack, storm, send spies there. If the Peace Agreement is activated in the city, then you can find out the time of its validity by applying the item "Guardian Bribe".

Reinforcements and caravans with resources can be sent to the city of Soklanovets. The enemy city is indicated by a red marker, the city of Soklanovets by a green marker.

Resource locations. Locations that periodically appear on the World Map that can be captured and mined in them. The marker above the location shows its level, the higher it is, the more resources in the location and the faster the mining process.

If you send a squad to a location that is already occupied by another Jarl, then your troops will enter the battle.

The winner will gain access to the location and will be able to proceed with the extraction of resources. Invaders and Uber Invaders. These are unique opponents that periodically appear on the World Map.

Only the Hero can attack the Invaders. On the World Map, all Invaders are marked with a red marker. Lair of the Invaders and Uber Invaders. These are resource locations that appear after the destruction of the Invaders and Uber Invaders.

When mining in these places, you have a chance to get one of the materials of the Invader. Mystical opponents periodically appearing on the World Map.

You can cast out Spirits with the help of the Shaman and receive valuable objects, resources and fragments of runes as a reward. Refuge of the Spirits.

Locations that appear on the World Map after the expulsion of Spirits. They store resources and fragments of runes.

The level of location corresponds to the level of the exiled Spirit. Clan Citadels. Special cities that are built by the Clans. Inside the Citadel, you can build special buildings, study additional Knowledge, and also produce unique resources necessary for further development.

Around the Clan Citadel is the Valley of the Asses. If Clan members place cities in this territory, they will receive additional bonuses.

When capturing and defending Fortresses, unique bonuses for damage, defense and health of troops may apply.

The conquest and retention of these locations gives special rewards. Millennial forest. The area around the Fortress "Place of Power".

Jarls can carry their cities here with various items. However, it is worth remembering that in case of unsuccessful protection, the city from the Millennial Forest will be transferred to a random point on the World Map.

In addition to objects on the World Map, Campaigns are displayed - units sent to attack or to espionage, reinforcements and caravans. Warriors always choose the shortest path and go in a straight line.

On the World Map, all trips are highlighted graphically. Your units have the following color codes:. Units of enemy Jarls going to your city are also marked in red, but in a lighter shade.

Units that do not belong to you are marked in gray on the World Map. Any Jarl can see all the campaigns on the World Map, except for espionage, but outwardly they all look like military units a ring with five soldiers.

Only the Jarl who sent him can see the movement of the spy squad. Special tags that you put near the objects you need. You can mark any place on the World Map as a landmark.

This is done by clicking on the button with an asterisk in the location information window. You can view, edit and delete landmarks at any time.

To do this, go to the World Map and click on the scroll icon at the top of the screen. The "Landmarks" window shows all the landmarks you have placed.

By default, 25 landmarks are available to you. If necessary, their number can be increased with the help of the item "Additional landmarks", which you will find in the "Bonuses" section in the Item Store.

You can send landmark coordinates to chat. Sent coordinates are highlighted and underlined, clicking on them, you will immediately go to the marked location.

There is another way to share the coordinates: click on the special button in the form of an arrow in the object window on the World Map and select the desired chat.

The Kingdom number is automatically added to the coordinates from the Kingdoms, and the name of the world is added to the coordinates from Jotunheim.

You can send location coordinates:. Navigator Icon. Opens the Navigator tab in the sentinel building window.

The sentinel is responsible for timely notification of attacks on your city and allows you to search for objects on the World Map.

Coordinate transition icon. Using the panel at the top of the screen next to the Navigator you can go to the desired point on the World Map by specifying the coordinates.

Enter your X and Y metrics and click Go. Hiking icon. If you sent the soldiers on a campaign, the corresponding icon appears, which indicates the number of active campaigns.

Click on it to see detailed hiking information. Garrisons Icon. If your troops are extracting resources in locations or have been sent as reinforcements to other Yarlam, an appropriate icon appears, which indicates the number of garrisons.

Click on it to view detailed information about the garrisons. Assault Icon. After the Storm was organized in the Clan, all the clan members on the World Map have a corresponding icon in the lower right corner, under the "Events" icon , which indicates the number of active Storms.

If only one Assault is created, then clicking on the icon will open a window with detailed information about this Assault.

If several Assaults are created, a window with a list of Assaults opens. The icon disappears after the end of all the assaults.

Active Global Competition Icon. During global Competitions, an icon for quick access to the current Competition and a timer showing the time until its completion appear on the World Map.

By clicking on the icon, you will find yourself in the "Events" window, where you can see information about the active global Competition.

Jotunheim icon. During the legendary Battle for the Throne Competition, the Jotunheim icon appears. It serves as a quick access to the world of eternal ice.

Kingdom Map Icon. To see all the Kingdoms, click on the icon and open the Map of the Kingdoms.

It contains the following information:. You can find the desired Kingdom by its number in a special search box. You can see the World Map of any Kingdom.

Mini map icon. Clicking on it opens a special World Map mode with a schematic display of the most important objects. Also, your city is shown on the mini-map, and if you are in your native Kingdom, then the Clan Citadel.

With the help of filters you can configure the display of objects on the minimap. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.

If you click on an object on the minimap, the World Map will open and you will go to the point by the corresponding coordinates. The minimap is updated upon opening, but no more than once per minute.

Other items in the World Map window. At the top of the screen is a resource panel, the amount of your Gold is displayed on the right, and a little lower are icons for quick access to profitable offers, boosts and the "Events" window.

If you are moving away from your city in search of a target, then the "Return Home" icon appears on the World Map.

It indicates the distance and direction in which to move in order to return. By clicking on this icon, you will immediately find yourself at your city.

There is a marker on the quest icon showing the number of completed quests and earned Chests with rewards. A panel is attached to the icon, which indicates the status of the current recommended quest:.

Only one recommended quest is always shown. If you have completed all such quests, then the panel disappears. Selecting one of the quests from the list will open the "Quest Description" window.

In it you can familiarize yourself with the reward and click on the "Start" button. After completing the quest, do not forget to pick up the reward.

To do this, in the "Completed" section of the "Normal" tab, click on the "Pick up" button. The reward for the quest is usually resources, Power points, experience points for the Hero and Shaman.

Quests can be of three types:. Tabs "Daily", "Weekly" and "Monthly". Daily, weekly, and monthly quests are additional task lists that are generated every 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, respectively.

Complete these quests to earn special points on which the value of your reward depends - special Chests with items. The icons of the control points are depicted in the form of Chests indicating the number of points required to obtain them.

List of quests. The exact update time is tied to the moment you first enter the game. By completing these quests, you earn special points and get reward chests.

After updating the list, the accumulated points are reset and they must be earned again to get new trophies. You can complete several quests at once and in any order.

All quest sets and rewards for them are available for Yarlov of any level. The complexity of the quests depends on the level of the Jarl Palace, but they are updated only after the timer expires.

The next day you upgraded the Palace to level 16, however, you will continue to complete quests provided for level 15 and receive appropriate rewards.

The list of quests and rewards will be updated after 7 days. Glasses and Chests. Points for completing quests are awarded automatically and then added up.

When you accumulate a certain number of points, you reach the milestone and get a chest with a reward. To see the list of trophies and pick them up, you must click on the icon of the control point.

In the window that opens, you will also find information about the Brotherhood of the North, which you can join to receive additional rewards. After reaching any milestone, the points earned do not disappear, but continue to accumulate so that you can get to the next Chest.

When you reach the last control point, the set of points stops and resumes after updating the list of quests. For each next checkpoint you get a more valuable chest.

Along with updating the quest list, rewards chests are also updated. All points you earned and chests disappear, and to get new you need to complete the quests that have appeared.

Jarls are united in alliances - Clans, in order to receive additional opportunities for the development of their cities and the strengthening of military power.

Soklanites send each other resources Food, Wood, Iron, Stone and Silver and reinforcements for the defense of cities, and also participate in Assaults - joint attacks on other Yarls.

Having entered into an alliance, the Yarls can complete clan Tasks, purchase items in the Clan Store for Loyalty points, participate in clan Competitions and receive various rewards and Gold.

In addition, Clan members join forces to build the Citadel, which gives them many advantages: bonuses of the Valley of Ases, the ability to create special things for the Hero, and more.

Joining the Clan. All Clans of the Kingdom are presented in the "List of Clans" tab. To find a suitable Clan, you can use the search bar and filters.

There are two types of Clans: open and closed. Anyone can join the open clan. To get into the closed Clan, you need to receive an invitation or apply and wait for it to be approved by the Elder or Leader.

For completing clan quests and helping clan members you get Valor Points and Loyalty Points. Valor Points allow the Leader and Elders to purchase items in the Catalog, after which Clan members can purchase them in the Clan Store for Loyalty points.

Positions provide Clan members with certain opportunities:. Help to clan members. Each of the Clan members can be sent reinforcements to his city as a unit squad.

In addition, you can send him a caravan of resources. You can also exchange personal messages with any member of your union - this allows you to quickly find out who currently needs military or economic assistance.

All these actions can be performed on the "Clan Membership" tab in the "Clan" menu. Click the "Action" button opposite the required player and do one of the following:.

Moving caravans with resources between the cities of Yarlov of one Clan takes no more than an hour, even with a very large distance between them.

The creation and dissolution of the Clan. The Jarl can create his own Clan and lead it. For this, the player must not be a member of any of the existing unions.

By clicking on "Clan", select "Create Clan". Here you need to choose the long and short name of the Clan, as well as its coat of arms.

The type of set closed or open is determined after the creation of the Clan. The Jarl who created the Clan automatically becomes its Leader.

If you subsequently need to leave the Clan that you created, you can do this by disbanding the union. You can disband the Clan in the "Office":. In addition, the "Management" makes it possible to transfer power to another member of the union.

By transferring power to another member of the Clan, you can leave it without disbanding. Clan Charter.

Clan Charter is a set of rules necessary for the internal use of the Clan. Access to the Charter is available only to members of the Clan.

In the "Management" tab in the "Clan Charter" paragraph, the Leader places the information, in his opinion, necessary. There can be up to 10 sections, each of which contains certain information.

For example, information about the rules of the Clan, its strategy, the rules for the participation of clan members in the Competition, requirements for obtaining posts and other important information.

Materials In the Forge, you can create items of the Hero and Shamans. For this, materials are needed. There are two types of materials:.

Special materials are used to create Invader items that give more bonuses than standard items. You can find out what materials you have in Kuzna. To do this, go to the "Warehouse" tab and go to the "Materials" section.

Types of materials. All materials vary by type. The better the quality of the material, the more bonuses the thing created from it will give.

There are six types of materials:. The combination of materials. Materials of all types, with the exception of the legendary one, can be combined and materials of higher quality can be obtained.

To proceed to combining, you need to go to the "Materials" tab in the Forge. In the center of the window is shown the material that will be obtained after combining four identical materials of the same quality, located in slots nearby.

For example, when combining four Diamonds of second-class quality, you will receive one Diamond of ordinary quality. The combination of materials occurs instantly, without the cost of resources and gold.

If you have less than four identical materials, then empty slots are highlighted in red. This means that combining is currently not possible.

Varieties of combination. Depending on the amount of materials available, the following actions are available to you:. In conventional combining, you create one material by clicking the Combine button.

Group combining facilitates the process of creating multiple materials. Pressing the "Combine" button opens a window in which you can set the desired number of units of material for combination.

For example, if you have 12 Diamonds of unusual quality, you can select the amount of materials using the slider and immediately get up to three Diamonds of rare quality.

Place of Power. The Place of Power is the Fortress, which is located in the center of each Kingdom. Members of the Clan who seized and held the Place of Power receive special bonuses and privileges.

The place of Power is surrounded by the Millennium Forest. It contains resource locations, level 6 Invaders and Uber Invaders. Status "Open".

This status is valid until one Clan is the first to bring its soldiers to the Fortress or knock out the troops of another Clan that are already in it.

The fortress regains the status of "Open" after the expiration of the status of the status "Under protection", as well as if the Clan that owned the Place of Power was disbanded.

The status of the "Siege". From this moment, a timer starts, counting 3 hours, during which the Clan must hold the Place of Power.

Clan members can send reinforcements there, but no more than 50 units, as there is a limit on the maximum number of reinforcements and soldiers who can stand on the defense of the Fortress.

If in 3 hours no one has displaced the troops of the Clan, located in the Place of Power, then it gains the status of "Protected". If the attackers were able to defeat the defenders of the Fortress, then the siege status timer again starts a three-hour countdown.

Status "Protected". The place of the Force gains the status of "Under protection" only if the Clan that captured the Fortress was able to hold it.

The "Protected" status is valid for 24 hours. If the units that arrived at the Place of Force are friendly that is, belong to a clan member , they stand in defense of the Fortress as reinforcements.

After 24 hours, the Place of Power again receives the status of "Open" and is in it until the troops from the other Clan knock out the defenders of the Fortress.

In battles for a Place of Power, it is important to know the following:. Bonuses and Titles. The leader of the Clan that owns the Place of Power becomes Konung.

Also, the Konung and the Elders of the Clan holding the Place of Power are given the opportunity to assign any of the 25 Titles to any Jarl in the Kingdom.

These Titles are valid for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours, after which they can be reassigned to other Jarls.

Titles are positive and negative. The first ones improve certain characteristics of the Yarlov, the second ones worsen. Information about the assigned Title can be viewed in the Jarl information window.

The title is indicated by a special icon near the avatar. Reports of battles for the Place of Power. The Jarl, who has seized the Place of Power, as well as the Leader, Elders, and all the clan members who sent reinforcements, receive a report on the successful defense.

It contains general information about the battles that occurred during this period of time. In addition, there are several additional situations in which the report on the protection of the Place of Power comes instantly:.

If one of the above situations occurs, you will immediately receive a report on the successful or unsuccessful defense of the Place of Power.

If within 30 seconds there was not a single battle in the Place of Power, then the report will not come. If you successfully attack the Strength of Alone, you will find information in the report:.

When defending a Place of Power from attacks, espionage and assaults, you will find information in the report:. In the section "Clan Participant Battles" you can find all reports about the battles of the clan members, except for battles with the Invaders, Uber Invaders, Spirits and Monsters of Jotunheim.

On the basis of Power ratings are formed Yarlov and Clans. To view detailed information about your Power points, open the "Power" section in the "Statistics" tab in the Palace building.

If you click on the icon with the Power indicator in the upper panel on the city screen or on the "Ratings" item in the Menu, you will open the ratings window.

In it you can see:. Place in the rating is determined based on the current indicator of Power. It can both increase and decrease. If, for example, several of your soldiers were killed, then you will lose the amount of Power that they brought to you.

Clan Power is the sum of the points of the Power of all members of the Clan and the Power of the Citadel. In accordance with the Power indicator, Clans are allocated to Leagues in Competitions.

Having taken the reward for 1 day, you can familiarize yourself with the rewards that are given for the following days - up to On day 31, the progress is reset and you again receive the reward for 1 day.

Loyalty rewards can be collected in two ways:. The loyalty reward may include accelerations, resources, Gold, etc. Moreover, the reward for each next day will be more significant than for the previous one.

In the "Loyalty Reward" window, you can see the table in which there are icons with day numbers from 1 to The icon for the current day is highlighted.

If you have already received a reward for the current day, then it is marked with a special green marker. The icons of previous days for which you took the reward are marked in the same way.

All the following days are not highlighted in any way and are displayed in the usual color. By clicking on the icon of any day, you can see the list of awards.

With the help of campaigns, such actions as espionage, attack, sending resources and reinforcements are implemented. The presence of a strong leader improves the results of a battle during an attack or espionage and the combat characteristics of soldiers in reinforcements, and also increases the carrying capacity when robbing.

For a campaign you need at least one warrior - you cannot send only leaders to a campaign. You can select the warriors manually or click on the "Select All" button, and then all the troops that are in the city will go on a campaign.

If the number of troops in the city exceeds the maximum allowable number of troops in the campaign, the troops will be selected in equal proportions.

In order to be able to make several campaigns at the same time, as well as increase the number of soldiers in each of them, it is necessary to improve the Odin Temple.

You can choose the location in respect of which espionage or attack will be carried out, as well as sending reinforcements or a caravan, in the following ways:.

Reports on the results of trips come to the post office. If you are a member of the Clan, you can share the following types of military reports with members of your union:.

If you successfully attacked a resource location, it produces resources. Be careful: at this time, other Yarls may attack the location.

Another city may be surrounded by a protective halo. This means that the Peace Treaty is in force in relation to it, and you cannot conduct reconnaissance or attack this location until the end of the contract.

Items are used for different purposes. With the help of them, you can move the city to any place on the World Map, move to other Kingdoms, securely obtain resources, find out the duration of the Peace Treaty in an enemy city and much more.

The "Items" icon is located at the bottom of the screen, clicking on it opens a corresponding window in which there are two tabs.

In the first is the Item Store, in it you can purchase resources, boosts, accelerations, and more. All items purchased and received for various actions are displayed in the second tab "My items".

In both tabs, all items are divided into sections. Section "Treasures". Here are various Chests with items.

The number of items depends on the type of chest regular, large, huge or on its level. There are chests containing only one random material to create things.

For example, one rare, epic, or legendary material drops from a chest of legendary materials. Also to the section "Treasures" include:. When you open a chest, it disappears, and the items in it appear in certain sections in the "My items" tab or in your inventory.

For example, resources appear in the "Resources" section, and materials - in the corresponding section in the "Warehouse" tab in the Forge.

Resources tab. This section contains packs of resources and items that can increase the production and speed of extraction of resources, reduce the consumption of food by soldiers, and much more.

In addition, there are items necessary for the construction and improvement of buildings, for study of Knowledge and Drawings: Bronze, Drawings of a warrior, Manuscripts, Totems, Obsidian, Nuggets, Coal, Precious dust.

Acceleration tab. A section that contains items that accelerate processes in the city or in the Clan Citadel, as well as hiking. Bonus tab It displays items that affect military and economic indicators, as well as produce various game actions.

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Spiele noch heute Vikings: War of Clans! Es ist deine Pflicht, für Kriegszeiten verschiedene Strategien zu entwickeln und zu beherrschen, dich in Friedenszeiten auf diplomatische Lösungen zu stützen und alles zu tun, um den Erfolg deiner Armee und Stadt zu gewährleisten.

Vikings War of Clans: Troops. Description. Troops are needed to defend the city, attack other Yarls, rob resource locations and send reinforcements to the clan members. To begin training troops, it is necessary to build at least one Barracks. The more Barracks in your city, the more soldiers you can train at a time. In Vikings: War of Clans, you can reinforce your warriors by using Knowledge, boosts, equipment, and more. Wield the power of a ruthless Viking army, raid lands and Towns for resources, and become the most formidable and feared Jarl in all the North! Play Vikings: War of Clans today! After its unprecedented success on mobile devices, Vikings: War of Clans is now available on Internet browsers worldwide! Vikings: War of Clans is a phenomenal Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game that takes the player to the grim Northern lands, where Viking warlords fight over every piece of precious. Professor You attack immediately and get the gold but must be a clan member town. Reply. 0 0. Professor An inactive clan member. Welcome to Vikings: War of Clan the best online strategy MMO game. Build your Clan and become truly Hero! for more info Click Here!. Spiele das top-bewertete Strategiespiel und führe tapfere Krieger in den Kampf! Vikings: War of Clans ist ein von Plarium entwickeltes und veröffentlichtes MMO-Strategiespiel. Es handelt sich um ein kostenloses Spiel, in dem Spieler jedoch bestimmte Inhalte käuflich erwerben können. Das Spiel wurde am August auf. Die Ära epischer Eroberungen und großer Taten ist gekommen. Nur du hast das Recht, über das Schicksal des Reichs zu entscheiden. Mache dein Königreich. Spiele noch heute Plariums Vikings: War of Clans auf Deutsch! Erweitere deine Armee und kämpfe über die Vorherrschaft.
Vikings Clan Of War The weight of one Scroll is 1 unit. There are two ways to apply it:. Mit dem Segen von Odin und deinem Klanrat an der Seite bestehst du jeden Konflikt und bleibst immer Mike Joyce. Depending on the amount of materials available, the following actions Www.Eurolotto available to you:. Boxen Rangliste item is given to each Jarl at the beginning of the game; you cannot Begleichen Englisch it in another way. The resources spent on the construction of the building are not returned upon destruction. On day 31, the progress is reset and you again receive the reward for 1 day. In this case, the rune will be saved in the Collection and Mahjong Online Pausenspiele can be used again. If necessary, their number can be increased with the help of the item "Additional landmarks", which you will find in the Starke7 section in the Item Store. Improving buildings is important for the successful development of the city and increasing the number of points of Power. If the item has Sportski Net Hr Uzivo deleted, then this slot and the item itself will be marked with a red frame with a special sign. Improving the Phamous Lounge increases the maximum number of soldiers in Sturm. For this, Bayern Ist Meister points are needed. Book of Sacraments. Spirits are unique opponents that appear on the World Map. After reaching any milestone, the points earned do not disappear, but continue to accumulate so that you can get to the next Chest. Vikings War of Clans; Vikings: War of Clans. Frigid PvP Strategy Warfare. Clan Struggle. One Viking is worth a hundred warriors, yet even such mighty heroes need allies. You can win the support of other Jarls by joining a Clan or creating one of your own! System Requirements. The era of epic conquests and grand deeds has come. Only you have the right to decide the fate of the empire. Make your kingdom inviolable, become the leader of a powerful army, and write your name into the history of the North! Plunge into the harsh world of the Vikings: War of Clans MMO strategy game. Plan victorious attacks, lay traps, and form onslaughts/5(K). Vikings War of Clans: Clan Citadel. Clan Citadel is a special Fortress, which is erected by members of the Clan. In the Citadel, you can build clan buildings, study additional Knowledge, Drawings of the Hero’s special things, produce unique resources necessary for the further development of the clan Fortress, and much more.

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